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Miles’ debut novel, Mud Marbles, a southern novel about two affluent families from the fictitious town of Cotton Tree, Alabama, has been called a cross between The Help and The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya- Sisterhood, minus the issues of civil rights and political views.


In the novel, the reader meets Marilyn and Kathryn, sisters and neighbors whose favorite pastime is sipping martinis from mason jars on Marilyn’s front porch in the gulf front town of Orange Beach, Alabama, as they reminisce about family and the times they visited Cotton Tree.


Miss Mincy is the girls’ source of stability and has given the entire family advice and inspiration throughout the years. While some could misconstrue Mincy’s presence, she is not a maid. She is a member of the Chandler-Drake household in Cotton Tree.


Then there’s Delta, a distant cousin of the Drake family who comes to visit Cotton Tree from Savannah, Georgia for most family gatherings. Cousin Delta does not shy away from confrontation and will speak her mind even to the pastor of the First Baptist Church. She loves her bourbon and cola and livens up the atmosphere of every social event she attends.


In all, Mud Marbles revisits a web of memories from sorority sisters shelling peas, to charity bake sales, and finding confederate gold in a hidden ballroom, while invoking the charm of the south and exposing long-buried secrets.

Release date..October 20th, 2014 by TouchPoint Press

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