In The Seventies

By the time the new one was delivered on the front steps, the old one had seen better days.  It had been doodled on, rolled up, and pages frayed. Southern Bell had them delivered only once a year so the old ones were pretty tattered by the time we got the new ones.

The phone book sat on the kitchen counter most of the time, although there was a drawer it was thrown in at the end of the day.  It seemed no one could have lived without their phone books back then. They were used daily and frequently called numbers were listed in the back page of the phone book as soon as it arrived.

I remember sitting on the kitchen stool, curly cord phone in hand, doodling on the phone book, as I was chatting away.  I was talking to my best friend who had just left my house even though we had been in school together all day, we still had so much to talk about.

We didn’t write on the outside cover right away. It stayed nice and clean-looking for a while.  After it became a little worn and Mom had scribbled a number quickly on the back cover when no doubt there was not a piece of paper within her sight, this was the cue. This is when I knew I could doodle on the cover.

The phone book was used for other things too. When going to one friends house and we wanted to look up a number, we had to get the phone book from under the kitchen table.  Without the phone book under that table it was wobbly and the  little book was the perfect fix for the problem.

Today, we don’t have a need to look up numbers in a book. I just had a last thought about the phone book, the satisfying feeling of slamming it on the kitchen counter when mad. Yes, sometimes, that book took a beating!


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Happy Spring!


Read Mud Marbles & Delta by Tolar Miles… Books with a splash of southern humor!

Southern Sunday

My wish for you is to have a simple relaxing Southern Sunday kind of day! http://www.tolarmiles.comScreen Shot 2016-02-19 at 11.52.02 AM

Acts of Kindness!

Make every day an act of kindness day!  There is always an opportunity  to do something kind for someone!  #randomactsofkindness

Take Time To Read!



If you are a writer, you should make time to read. Reading not only gives you a well deserved break, it will make you a better writer for doing so.
Reading is the only way to get to visit places we can’t physically get to. Reading is a way of releasing the stresses of life which let you open your mind to create your own kind of magic when you do sit down to write again. Take a break, grab a book and read!


We celebrate many things this month, but probably the least talked about is ‘LOVE YOUR LIBRARY MONTH.’

We live in a digital world and the role of libraries is shrinking.
Libraries strengthen neighborhoods and are important to each community in America and across the globe.
Offering free access to materials gives everyone the opportunity for lifelong learning. Libraries have always served as a community gathering place providing materials for leisure and recreation as well as educational material for all ages.
Our libraries are an investment in our future.
Use your library. If you do not have a library card, go visit your local library and get your library card this month.
Enjoy and support your local library!